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quello che rimane del tempo 01- 2015
linea del tempo 03
time - 2017
progetto opera al nero - 2019
progetto opera al nero - 2019
progetto opera al nero - 2020

The artwork of before

«in an art work one should lookat the elements which belongto before and afterbecause the artwork contains andcancels out the time of its creationthe artwork contains the wholefrom which to take away or add onin a dynamic succession of space and timethe art work is born in that momentbecause it is already thereevery artwork one can see belongs to before as it does to afterthe artwork is the centre from whereone departs to abandon timethe slightest interventioncreates the artwork of beforethe artwork of after needsto be madethe artwork of beforecreates tranquillitythe artwork of aftercreates energyevery artwork belongsto the one before it, as thatdoes to the one after itthis concept can plainly be seen in the gesture of the signas every sign is related to that which comes afterand therefore it is a conditionof the existence of the formera project brings aboutthe artwork of afterthe project therefore comes after the artworkartwork of beforethat which was before in a given spaceartwork of after – in the absence of space –what comes after does not exist in spaceit exists in timethe artist shuns mysticismwhen he makesa visible signthe artwork can be concentrated in a single signit will unify the artwork of before with that of after»Massimo Poldelmengo 1996/2010